The Charles Town Asbury United Methodist Church uses two forms of intercessory prayer. These two forms are a Prayer List and a Prayer Chain. Please let us know if we can pray for you. As the saying goes: "Prayer Should Be The First Choice, Not The Last Resort". We would love to pray for you and yours.


The prayer list is a list of names of people who need prayer. A name is added to the list by contacting the church office and having the name added or removed from the list. The list is published weekly in the Sunday bulletin and on this Web Site's "News & Messages" link, so that the congregation may keep the name in their prayers.

If you have a prayer list request or an update please contact the Church Office (304) 725-5513.

The prayer chain is composed of 21 people in three chains of 7 people each who pray for people on a daily basis. The group meets monthly for a follow-up on the people being prayed for. A name is added to the chain by calling one of the three leads or the church office. A name is not added to chain unless permission has been given by the person being prayed for along with the details of why they need prayer. The name and details are not published. The lead of a chain calls the next person in line on their chain when they are giving a name and details. Each member of the chain calls the next member of the chain to notify them of the request. The last member of the chain calls the lead after they receive the request. This verifies that everyone on the chain has been notified of the request. Names are removed from the list when the prayer group perceives the prayers have been answered and there is no additional need of prayer.

If you have a prayer chain request or an update please contact the Church Office (304) 725-5513 and/or one of the chain leads:

Doris Cline (304) 725-2518
Roger Dailey (304) 724-7901
Alice E. Clendening (304) 725-2455

“The eyes of the LORD are on the righteous, and his ears are open to their cry.”
Psalm 34:15